Friday, 27 March 2015

Hilary Clinton - The Power of Women

I accidentally came across this documentary and within second I was hooked watching women from different parts of the worlds using their power, vision and passion to make a difference to the lives of women - small and large. A few days on I still feel  so inspired and connected with what these women have achieved and continue to achieve which is to give women a voice, to empower them and create options. Even in places like United Nation where women are still grossly under represented these women still continue the challenge for women to have a voice on what most affects and impacts on them.  What I really like about these women is that they seem so humble, uncompromising and despite the cost to themselves continue to pursue and make better the lives of women in the world. I can truly say that for the first time in my life I have found role models who are inspirational, authentic. generous  and most of all ground breaking in what they are doing even though progress has been slow.  The questions that comes to my mind is that why can't men in position of power see the plight of women in certain parts of the world and why can't they stand up and say "this is not good enough" Or is it simply that they do not see/notice things because of  their unconscious bias.

I am left with a question which is will take another 20 years to see significant changes? I hope not!

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