Thursday 29 October 2015

Has W H Smith missed a trick?

Yesterday my husband went into our local W H Smith in Multi-cultural Ealing in search of Diwali cards and having not found any he asked the shop assistant where he could find one in the store. The shop assistant's response was that they don't stock Diwali cards and when he asked why, her response was “We don't even keep cards for St Georges day”. Clearly, there is some confusion in the shop assistant's mind as to what Diwali is and to align to St George's day beggar's belief! What is clear though is that whoever is responsible for customer services training and product lines within W H Smith have failed to communicate the importance of the Hindu festival, Diwali and furthermore at least at a minimum level W H Smith have also failed to make their customer support people sensitive in responding to what is being asked of them from a customer. One can only assume that W H Smith has not heard of or chooses not to operate on the principle of the 'Platinum rule' in customer services!

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